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What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

 What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

Want to lose your weight without paying to some obesity clinics? Now it’s all in your hands! Yes, here are some best foods for weight loss. Hope you can try taking these foods after reading the full article.

What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

Brown rice

An alternative to white rice is Brown rice that is rich in fiber .This healthy carb gives 1.7 Gms of resistant starch when you take just half cup, which in turn burns fat by increasing the metabolic rate. It is very low calorie food that gives you full and heavy feeling throughout the day.


This cheap omega 3s rich food helps to strengthen the cardio vascular system and also helps to change your mood. If your mood is good then obviously you don’t feel like to have some junk food. It’s really a great food for those who want to lose their weight. This protein rich food helps to stabilize blood sugar and so feel your stomach full.


However you take this either raw or cooked; this is the best nutritious vegetable that fights against obesity. It is a low calorie and low fat food which when you take more fills you with high fiber.


The healthy fat in the nuts helps you to reduce your fat. Almond is one of the nuts that really help you to slim down.

Green Tea

Taking daily 3-4 cups of green tea makes you to get slim in a shorter period. It is rich in anti-oxidants that make your body’s excess fat and calorie to burn. A research on green tea found that sipping five cups per day can help you to lose twofold of your weight vastly, especially in the middle part of your body.

Blue berries

Want to change your diet? Then blueberry is one the food that you must add in diet plan. This antioxidant rich food helps to reduce the abdominal fat or fat around belly.


This is the gem of slimming foods. This fruit contains high amounts of beta-sitosterol , a compound that helps to reduce cholesterol levels in your body. This high fat food can be taken as a substitute to other dietary fat for losing weight. If you are eating a right fat then no need to afraid for eating fats. Oleic acid in avocado helps you to fight against hungry. Eating a half avocado daily will greatly reduce the belly fat.


Lentils are a great source of gratifying protein and fibre. Resistant starch, in lentils makes to increase metabolism of your body and helps to burn the fat.


This is also a starch resistant, super slimming food, which helps to increase the metabolism and also gives you a stomach full feeling.

Scrambled Egg (white part)

Scrambled white with greens is an alternative food for scrambled eggs that serves almost 40 calories, 13 Gms of fat when compared to usual scrambled eggs.
Blend the Egg white along with ½ cup spinach, mushrooms (1/2 cup), then spray the pan with fat free pam, allow to heat pam and pour in eggs and fry the eggs till it becomes dry.

Homemade Raisin Bran

This is a very good homemade recipe to lose weight when compared to readymade raisin brain. Mix all these ingredients, Raisins (a pocket), total cereal (1 cup), and nonfat milk (1 cup).


Use decorated salad with croutons as a replacement for salad dressing.
A well-known fact is that green salads play a vital role in our day’s eating. salad dressings consists of high fat, so instead of using that high fat dressings, garnish them with croutons, fruits, beans etc.

Dark chocolate

A piece of dark chocolate which is full of MUFAs has capacity to slow down the digestion so that you can have less amount of food in the next meal. It makes an increase in the metabolism and fat burning.


These fruits are rich in fibre, which makes you to feel full and so makes you to take lesser food.

White beans

Beans contain the fibre which boosts the metabolism. When you take 11\2 cup beans it will contain nearly 4 Gms of fat burning resistant starch.


This protein rich food has the capacity to control the appetite when taken as breakfast. If we come to cholesterol levels in people eating eggs, it is found that they doesn’t contain much bad cholesterol or lesser good cholestrol when compared to other people who eat other food as breakfast. It is the best food for losing overweight.

Kidney beans

Red kidney beans are the top most beans of all the beans. Red beans are best food for protein and fiber. Kidney beans are rich in Resistant Starch where 1/2-cup serving contains nearly 2 grams of this dieting or reducing carb.


A recent research shown that red wine specially seems to inhibit the growth of fat cells and likely seems to have some anti-obesity properties,” but this is in case of only women. The antioxidant Resveratrol, which is found in grape skin, inhibits fat storage. Drinking a glass of wine can make your calories to burn where the same takes 90 minutes time to burn if you won’t drink.


Eating half grape fruit before every meal can help you to reduce 1 pound in about a week. It contains about 90% of water, which makes you to feel full and so eats lesser. This fruit contains a compound that can lower the fat storage hormone called insulin there by resulting in the weight loss. Therefore, this is a very good fat fighter.

Black beans

15 Gms of sufficient protein is found in a cup of black beans. It is also free from saturated fat.


Origin of pumpkin is America. The pumpkin has very rich antioxidant called beta carotene. This is considered as one the greatest slimming foods. Its rich fiber content helps you to reduce or manage your weight. It is considered as the easiest food to prepare.


It is shown that eating one pear daily provides 15% fiber to your body. It is found in research that eating 3 pears a day greatly reduces the weight in women. The skin of pears contains the filling fiber that helps you lose the weight.


Eating half cup of Oats that contain resistant starch of about 4.6 Gms will increase the metabolism, and also burns the fat. These are rich in fiber that will make you to feel full there by loses your weight.


It is an essential nutrient food, which can be taken as a diet food. This MUFAs rich diet reduces up to 9 pounds in dieters there by making them slim.


A grass fed cheese contains a healthy fat which when taken makes you to feel full, and also burns more fat.


This calcium rich food is also rich in probiotics. These probiotics are the microbial foods that are the used to change the intestinal bacterial balance for a healthy body. Low fat yogurt is a best simple food taken to slim your body.


Many of you know that citrus fruits are best source for vitamin C. Zeaxathin in citrus fruits helps to maintain good vision. It is seen that Citrus juice with honey and warm water serves as a simple solution for weight loss.

Pearl barley

In just a half cup serving of pearl barley serves as a slimming food by functioning as a low calorie meal. This half cup contains 2 Gms of resistant starch.

Garbanzo beans

Also called as chickpeas, these dietary beans contain more than 2 grams of Resistant Starch per half-cup serving. They’re also rich in fibre, protein, and healthy fats.


This fruit contains protein that fights against hunger. So this is another kind of diet friendly food. With few calories you can stay full for a longer time.

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