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Starting Yoga

Starting Yoga?

Yoga. He recent years have seen a lot of interest from people in this particular form of exercise. Should we call it exercise? It is also a great way to relax, and yoga helps the body in ways, the describing of which will take many pages.Things You Should Know However, if you have already decided to start yoga already, I suppose you do know about at least some of the benefits of yoga.

What is important is that before you start to attend yoga classes; you must not only know what yoga does for you, but also how to prepare yourself and to adjust to a life with yoga. The first tip is to keep on reading ad enhancing your knowledge about yoga- this is a world in itself, and will keep surprising you for a long time to come.

starting yoga

Slowly Does It 

It is very important that you do not expect too much from yourself on the first day. Take a slow and cautious approach to it. Just because some people in the class are being able to do more positions than you does not mean that you will have to do all of them. Remember that they have been practicing for a long time. Also, since you are a beginner, position yourself at the back of the class.

This will not only save you from being embarrassed in front of others should you pull anything awkward, but will also give you the chance to observe how those who have been doing yoga for a long time get in to the different positions. Also, take the basic information about the classes that you are going to attend, and how those classes are going to be conducted. For example, the classes require you to bring your own yoga mat; not bringing one because you thought you could rent one the spot will simply be embarrassing. Do your homework beforehand.

Coming late to yoga classes gives a very bad impression about you. Also, being a beginner, you need to familiarize yourself with the environment, with the staff, and mot importantly, the teacher. You need to talk to them, and give them enough time to help you before the place gets crowded by the more accomplished students and veterans of yoga. It is best to arrive early to your classes, and not just in time.  How you dress for the yoga classes is very important. Yoga involves moving and stretching in a variety of ways, so do not wear tight or too loose clothes. Refrain from headgear- it will keep falling off and embarrass you.

Stick With It 

The key to success in yoga is concentration. So, while you are at it, do not divert your attention to anything else in the room; and make sure you are not the reason for someone else’s distraction. While in the premises, it is important to maintain silence. Do not exert yourself. Rest whenever you feel like it, because one of yoga’s greatest gifts is relaxation. Be happy for what you have been able to do.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online fitness magazine and blog

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