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Speech Confidence Diagnostics

 Speech Confidence Diagnostics

Speech Confidence Diagnostics


They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, maybe. But what to do, if we are very interested in that very soul, and in front of our eyes there are dark glasses, how can we see it?

Speech is another matter, I have never heard that speech is the mirror of the soul, but for me, speech reflects and expresses the soul much more accurately. Speech cannot be drawn with ink or put on dark glasses, it reflects (like everything in our body) how we live for the last 7 years what we believe in, what values ​​and principles we are guided by. 

Our speech is a manifestation of everything that is inherent in us through the sound of sounds, letters, words, and sentences. And the best part is that by speaking, if we know-how, it is very easy to diagnose our interlocutor or speaker. By changing our speech, we ourselves CHANGE. You just need to know, but how does the speech of a confident person differ from an unsure one. And start talking like a CONFIDENT person. And lo and behold, another month will pass and in you, this very confidence will begin to increase and grow.

True, there is one "BUT", in the beginning, it is not necessary to train with the help of speech on relatives, on your subordinates and colleagues, this is fraught with problems and complications in the relationship *.

It is important to understand that people close and familiar to us have already developed a certain image of us and trust and want to live and cooperate with us exactly as they are used to seeing. And when we learn, it doesn't matter what: drive a car, recite poetry, raise children, sell. We, like any living person, make mistakes and make mistakes. Well, it is not at all reasonable to make mistakes and make mistakes in your business and with your loved ones - especially women. If in order to develop the ability to speak in a new way, you can just walk to the nearest boutique, coffee, market, or take a taxi.

When you develop some new experience with previously unfamiliar people, then by itself, in your speech and with loved ones, the skills that you have already acquired will appear imperceptibly and easily.

* All training on changing speech must first be rehearsed with service workers unfamiliar to you: salespeople, waiters, taxi drivers, etc. naturally observing the rules of etiquette.


It is important to consider that speech consists of form and content. Content is the semantic part of speech in which we convey to the interlocutor our thoughts and views on this or that event, share our opinion, and so on. And the form is the building block of speech that consists of timbre, speed, characteristic words, pauses, and so on. So if we want, first of all, to diagnose the speech of the interlocutor, then we must know that what we say is usually far from the truth, since we say not what it is, but how we would like it to be. But in the form, we just provide reliable information.

 Since the form is almost impossible to forge and it is the form that manifests who is in front of us, confident or uncertain, competent or not, the interlocutor.


There is also another important point in the diagnosis. Each person has a zone of maximum competence, speaking about which or being in this type of activity, he can dramatically change the form of sound. At the same time, it does not matter what the topic is about computers or about poets of the 17th century, the main thing is that a person considers himself competent in it (it is important that a person considers himself competent in reality, this may not correspond). And even though a person in life may not be confident while talking about this topic, speech can completely change and sound in form like the speech of a confident person with all the nuances corresponding to a confident speech.

Alexander Ilyinsky


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