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Self-esteem of a self-confident person

 Self-esteem of a self-confident person

Personality self-esteem is how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself and who you think you are. This quality is formed on the basis of a list of beliefs about oneself, a list of good and bad qualities. Self-esteem is not what you really are or how other people see you, but WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF. People don't necessarily think of you the way you imagine. Self-esteem is your SUBJECTIVE view of yourself. This quality is formed gradually from the very birth and can be consciously or unconsciously changed. Usually, unconsciously changing it leads to a low level of self-esteem. Why? It's just that people are more accustomed to noticing the bad than the good. The good is taken for granted. And since more attention is concentrated on the bad, accordingly it is better rooted in the subconscious, which directly affects the attitude towards oneself. An increase in the level of self-esteem is formed on the basis of thoughts and actions in various situations. The formation of self-esteem is important for a modern person.

Self-esteem of a self-confident person

Personal self-esteem is the starting point for success. If you are unable to love yourself, then how can you be able to nurture love for someone else? A high level of self-esteem is extremely important, because your actions directly depend on it. As your self-esteem improves, so does your output in all areas of your life. A high level of self-esteem leads to confident actions and correct decisions. A low level of self-esteem leads to uncertainty, timidity and, as a result, to uncertainty in the decision-making process. I will describe this process step by step.

  1. You yourself influence the formation of self-esteem.
  2. Think and behave according to it.
  3. The impact of self-esteem is directly related to how other people perceive you.
  4. Your self-esteem changes in one direction or another after you see how others perceive you.
  5. We return to step 2.

“If you think that you can or cannot, in both cases you are right” (G. Ford).

Reasons for low self-esteem - self-doubt

1. We live in a negative society and constantly deal with negative people.

Successful people are always in the minority, but they managed to break through this wall of mediocrity. Why is it so hard? Because you have to move away from the usual ideas of the masses and trust yourself, and follow the call of the soul. And this is not easy at all. At every step they lie in wait for you and indicate to you that you are going the wrong way. Those who cannot withstand this stress choose the easier path - to merge with the masses and abandon their goals. There are a lot of such people, society simply steals their dreams.

2. A person's abilities, physical appearance and intelligence have been repeatedly ridiculed or questioned by parents and teachers, friends and many others when a good chance arose.

Regardless of whether you completed the task well or badly, there will always be those who will criticize you. Either for what you did not do, or for what you did. At the heart of any criticism is the goal of increasing one's sense of self-worth. When you get ahead, you leave a lot of people behind, and they try to put you down with words. Remember: the impact of self-esteem is directly related to your success.

3. Devotion of considerable importance to any event in which you are defeated.

Failure is part of success. If you fail, you cannot say that you are a bad person or a failure. You must learn from this and move forward. Failure is often a blessing. It is a huge mistake to endure a single failure and perceive it as the failure of a lifetime. You lose a lot of self-awareness and gain a false sense of guilt.

4. Comparing yourself to other people

You cannot compare yourself with other people, because you are different. Each person is unique and has their own list of values ​​that you do not know. Usually people compare their weaknesses to other people's strengths. Of course, they are better than you at this, because this is their success !

5. Setting priorities for yourself so high that it is unrealistic to achieve them

People, due to their inability, often set goals for themselves so high to achieve that it is almost impossible to achieve them in a short time. Of course, they do not achieve these goals, as a result of which the formation of self-esteem goes on the wrong track, and they stop setting further tasks, since this is associated with negative experiences. There are no unrealistic goals, there are unrealistic dates.

How to improve self-esteem and become more self-confident

To maintain self-esteem, you simply have to form it consciously according to the principle of self-suggestion. Because people are not always fair. If you do a job badly, you will be reproached for it, if you do it well, they will reproach you for something else, because they will envy you that you did so well. Without consciously building self-esteem, you are doomed to failure. The principles of self-hypnosis will help you with this.

I will offer you several ways to increase your self-esteem, create and keep in your head a good image of yourself. They are quite simple but very effective.

1. Mirror and self-confidence

Look at yourself in the mirror more often. And when you look, say to yourself positive words that you like about yourself. For example: “you are a successful person,” “I love you,” “I believe in you,” “you always make the right decisions,” “you are a successful businessman,” “you came to this world to be successful,” etc. ... Notice the positive aspects of yourself. Love yourself for who you are. If for some reason you do not like your appearance, start noticing only beauty in it. It cannot be that you have only shortcomings! And over time, your image will change, the influence of self-esteem will show amazing results.

2. Diary of victories and self-confidence

Take a blank notebook and head it "Success Diary." There you write down everything that you managed to plan and do well during the day, all your victories. Only good luck and success, how cool you have solved a certain problem. We forget and omit all the bad things. It is good if you make at least five entries in your journal. It can even be small things. It may not be easy at first. You will constantly ask yourself if it is worth writing this down. The rule is simple: when in doubt, always accept a positive answer. Better to have excess than lack of confidence. When difficult times or various situations appear in front of you in life, when it does not hurt you to have exceptional self-confidence, just open the diary of victories and read. Self-esteem will be formed in favor of its improvement.

3. Create an image of self-confidence to keep it in your head

Of the above methods, this one is the most difficult, but it gives positive results. Its essence is to create a new image of yourself in your head. Try to create as detailed an image as possible. The clearer it is, the faster it will be implemented. Describe how you behave in different situations, describe your character, manner of dress. And scroll the corresponding image in your head at least once a day for quite a long time, until it is absorbed into the subconscious.

4. Self-promotion

Self-promotion is a short text that describes you and your qualities from the best side. Works very well together with method one - "mirror". You take a piece of paper and write:

“Petr Petrovich, meet Petr Petrovich, an influential and respectable businessman. He has business in 25 countries around the world. He is included in the 1% of the richest people in the world. A real leader. Peter has huge dreams, he is fluent in the technique of self-hypnosis. He has a very strong faith in God, in his work, and especially in himself. His love is endless. He loves his job very much. He loves difficulties, because he believes that the more difficulties, the greater the reward awaits in the future. He dresses smartly, looks great. He has a very high level of self-esteem due to the fact that he knows who he is and what kind of business he is in his hands. Every day his business is growing, and Peter is getting better than he was yesterday, more confident in himself, in God and in his goal. He is able to achieve any goals, because with God everything is possible. God leads him. "

Then you read this text every day, preferably in front of a mirror.



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