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Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Play a Critical Role in Metabolism


Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Play a Critical Role in Metabolism

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Play a Critical Role in Metabolism

It seems like you can’t watch the news or browse health websites anymore without hearing about how awful saturated fats are. Popular medical opinion maintains that saturated fats, such as butter, lard, coconut oil and palm oil, are the reason for the nation’s failing health. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you think about it, people have traditionally eaten a diet high in saturated fats. Before the low-fat craze took hold, people consumed butter, lard, cream, eggs and fatty meats in large quantities, yet the illnesses we mistakenly associate with saturated fat consumption today were practically nonexistent back then. Nowadays, everyone is recommended to eat a diet that is extremely high in carbohydrates and very low in fat and protein. Despite claims that such a diet will lead to better health, more people than ever are suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases.

To make matters worse, unhealthy fats have taken the place of saturated ones, and they’ve even been touted as healthy. The truth is that trans fats, hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated vegetable oils are highly toxic to the body. These substances are known to promote the very same diseases that saturated fat has been blamed for.

The simple fact is that we’ve all been lied to. Saturated fats are not only not bad for you, they’re essential for health. Most particularly, they’re important for proper metabolic function. That’s right. Saturated fats are great for your metabolism.

Here are some of the ways in which saturated fats promote wellness through a healthy metabolism.

  • Nerve Signaling

The types of saturated fat found in coconut oil, butter and lard act as the chemical messengers that control various aspects of your metabolism. One of these jobs is the proper secretion of insulin. When you consume excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, corn syrups and white flours, without getting enough dietary saturated fat, it prevents your body from releasing enough insulin to bring your blood sugar back under control. Eventually, this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Supports Liver Function

Your liver performs a lot of different jobs in your body. If your kidneys are overburdened, it assists them with their blood filtering duties. Another one of the liver’s jobs is to secrete enzymes required for digestion and nutrient absorption. Your liver is also a metabolic powerhouse. It’s responsible for deriving energy from food, storing fat and breaking down chemicals and toxins that enter your body. Saturated fats aren’t just necessary for it to carry out these functions. They also protect the liver from being damaged by some of the things it metabolizes, such as drugs, alcohol and harmful food additives.

  • Hormonal Regulation

Saturated fats are needed by the body to produce testosterone, a sex hormone from which estrogen is also produced, even in women. A lack of these fats can cause hormonal dysregulation in both genders with symptoms that may include low libido, dysmenorrhea, inability to maintain muscle mass, low mood, fat gain, low energy and poor cognitive function.

  • Weight Loss

Most people don’t want to accept that losing weight requires a sustained effort. Instead, they shun entire food groups and latch on to the latest trendy diet or exercise gadget. None of these things truly work. The real key to losing weight is by increasing your metabolism, which is done through exercise and a sensible diet rich in saturated fats. Contrary to popular belief, fat doesn’t make you fat. Excessive calories and carbohydrates do, along with a sedentary lifestyle. Saturated fats supply your body with energy, making you far more likely to feel like being active. Also, research has shown that consuming a diet high in fat actually causes the body to burn its own fat stores for energy, rather than using precious muscle mass.

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