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Resistance Band Exercises

 Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

What are resistant band exercises?

These resistant band exercises are the exercises widely used for both rehabilitation or injury prevention, and muscle strengthening. The resistance tubing is extremely compact and also light weight, that this exercises (both cardiovascular conditioning and also muscle strengthening) can be performed even if you are away from home. The exercises with this portable exercise band are more effective rather compared with dumbbells. Try these exercises 3 times a week to get muscle strengthening.

Resistance Band Exercises

Biceps Curl

  • Keep the center of the band beneath the left foot and place yourthe right foott about 2 feet behind you,
  • Take an underhand grip on the handles of bands and make a biceps curl, at the same time take a lunge position by bending your knees, and
  • Perform 20 repetitions and repeat by switching legs.

Hug-the-World Plié

  • Stand in such a way that width apart- your feet should be wider than the shoulder and toes out,
  • Now around exactly at bra level wrap with the band,
  • Now to sides extend the arms and slightly curve and hold the band just above the handles,
  • Now you keep your fingertips together and bend your knees until both the thighs are parallel,
  • Open the arms when you are back to start position, and
  • Repeat this for 20 times.

Squat with Overhead Press

  • Stand in middle of the band with parallel feet width apart than the shoulder,
  • With elbows bent and faced away palms hold the handles at your shoulder height,
  • With an overhead pressing of your arms Squat deeply,
  • Place the weight on your heels and resist the band when you come back to standing position, and
  • Repeat for 20 times.

Crunch with Lat Pull-Down

  • Tie the band to some object, like doorknob,
  • With extended arms and holding the grip on handles Lie on your back,
  • Keep your legs raised and slowly bend your knees so that your shins should be parallel to the floor,
  • Crunch the upper portion of your body frontward while bringing the arms towards knees,
  • Move back to beginning position, and
  • Repeat for 20 times.

resistant band exercises

Side Lunge with Side Raise

  • Keep your feet wider,
  • Keep one of the bands end below the left foot,
  • With left hand Grip the other handle, (A)
  • With right foot take lunge position,
  • Towards your right foot sweep your left hand down, (B)
  • With right foot push off to come back to standing position,
  • Raise your right leg when you perform an adjacent raise with the left arm,
  • Repeat for 20 times, and
  • Switch the sides.


• Position in the center of the band with feet to be in parallel and wider than shoulder, knees soft, and hands with handles,

• Bend your torso right whereas drawing your left elbow rising,

• Alternate sides quickly, and

• Repeat for 20 times.


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