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Modern Foods are Causing You to Gain Weight & Get Sick


Modern Foods are Causing You to Gain Weight & Get Sick

Modern Foods are Causing You to Gain Weight & Get Sick

Have you ever noticed what kinds of things fill everyone’s carts at the grocery store? It’s not uncommon to see them filled up with an assortment of processed foods, such as TV dinners, soda, juice drinks, meals-in-a-box and pastries. That’s to say nothing of the popularity of fast food! While these so-called foods may be convenient when you’re short on time and energy, they’re detrimental to your health. Such a diet fails to supply your body with even the most basic nutrients needed to stay healthy, all the while filling you with refined sugars, excessive calories and unhealthy forms of fat. Here are some of the ways in which modern foods are causing you to gain weight and making you sick.

Insulin Resistance

Refined carbohydrates is a sweet food with some bitter health consequences. When you consume things like sugar, white flour and corny syrup, they are absorbed into your bloodstream very quickly. The dramatic rise in blood sugar forces your body to secrete excessively high insulin to bring your blood sugar back under control. When this happens frequently, as it does with people who eat lots of carbohydrate-rich foods, your body will eventually become resistant to its own insulin. This means that it has to keep secreting increasingly greater amounts, which exhausts the pancreas. Insulin resistance is a hallmark of pre-diabetes and will, over time, lead to full-blown diabetes.

Immune Suppression

Modern processed foods come with another nasty feature: they practically shut down your immune system. Studies have shown that refined carbohydrates significantly weaken immunity for around five hours following consumption. When you consider how common these foods are in the modern Western diet, it comes as little surprise that it’s considered normal for most of the population to get sick every year! When you get a large numbers of immune-deficient people together in public, widespread illness is inevitable.

Endocrine Disruption

Perhaps one of the most detrimental things about a modern diet is the resulting hormonal damage. Soy can be found in nearly all processed foods, and although it has been popularized as a health food, nothing could be further from the truth. Soy is strongly estrogenic, leading to muscle loss, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, infertility, low energy and mood disorders. Studies have also shown soy to increase a woman’s risk of certain cancers. Another problem with soy is its tendency to suppress thyroid function by preventing the conversion of T4 to T3, the active form of thyroid hormone. The result is a sluggish metabolism, reduced energy, increased cortisol, elevated blood sugar and easy fat gain. According to some studies, just one glass of soy milk contains as much estrogen as a birth control pill.

Damaging Fats

You may think that since most processed foods are made with vegetable oils, they must be providing you with fats that won’t harm your heart. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Polyunsaturated vegetable fats like canola, soybean and corn oils are terrible for your health. These oils are actually believed to be a main cause of heart disease in industrialized countries. They also trigger your body’s inflammatory response, causing chronic pain, weakened immunity and an increased risk of most cancers.

Chronic Hypoglycemia

Besides insulin resistance, consumption of junk foods often leads to chronic hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

You already know about the rise in blood sugar and the subsequent insulin release, but what you don’t know is that the massive release of insulin can drive blood sugar too low. Low blood sugar presents symptoms such as extreme hunger, confusion, shakiness, anxiety, depression, sugar cravings, irritability, violent behavior and syncope. Most of the time, people who are hypoglycemic will react to their sugar cravings by consuming more junk food, starting the cycle over again. Scientists have linked this condition to everything from clinical depression to psychosis to criminal behavior.

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