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Losing Weight Helps to Improve Your Cholesterol

 Losing Weight Helps to Improve Your Cholesterol

Losing Weight Helps to Improve Your Cholesterol

Losing weight leads to greater self confidence and mobility, but improved overall health is one of the best incentives for losing weight.

It is no coincidence that significant weight loss often equates to improved cholesterol levels. Maintaining a healthy weight by making healthy lifestyle choices can help prevent and reverse many ailments including cholesterol without the aid of prescription drugs.

How to Lose Weight

Many people try working out strenuously to lose extra pounds, but the results may not be as positive as expected if changes in diet are not adopted. They just do not understand how to lose weight.

There is overwhelming support for the idea that weight loss gained through a healthy diet contributes to improved cholesterol levels. Small dietary changes made over time may help people reach weight loss and health goals.

Three dietary changes that may help a person to lose weight and lower cholesterol are lowering the consumption of unhealthy fats, adoption of a vegetarian diet, and incorporating more raw foods into one’s diet. Combining all three changes is the best approach. However, benefits can be gained by just adding one consistently.

Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

There are many contributing factors for weight gain including eating the wrong combination and type of foods as well as foods that contain toxins. Food combinations that are overly fatty or that do not digest well are bad food combinations. For example, a meal of fatty bacon combined with pancakes soaked in sugar laden syrup is a poor food combination.

A better choice would be lean turkey bacon and eggs from organically fed sources. This food combination provides a body with clean sources of quality protein.

Eating the wrong type of food is a detriment as well. Examples of the wrong types of foods are inferior grades of beef, any pork, or shellfish. Inferior grade beef has a higher amount of fat than their leaner, Grade A, grass-fed counterparts. Swine and shellfish are the scavengers of the earth and seas; many dispute their classification as human food sources. Since these animals act as the earth’s garbage dumps, the old adage “you are what you eat” should be carefully considered before consuming these animal products.

Toxins make you fat. Naturopathic physicians such as Dr. Walter Crinnion have helped many sick, overweight patients regain their lives by “cleaning up” their diets. Through research and experience, these doctors have concluded that toxins in the air, water, and food supply are contributing to ill-health and obesity.

Toxins are most often stored in the fat of animals which is why avoiding foods like fatty slices of bacon is so important. Ideally, those who consume meat and other animal products should choose grass-fed, organic sources. Vegetables also contain toxins because many of them are contaminated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It is important to know which vegetables are most heavily affected by these toxins so that one may substitute organic alternatives.

Benefits of A Vegetarian Diet

A natural way to lower cholesterol and reduce fat consumption is by adopting a vegetarian diet. Fruits and vegetables have the highest nutrient and vitamin content of all food sources. A body fed highly nutritious food tends to eat less because the body’s nutritional need has been met. The brain gives the signal that the body is full and should not eat anything else. A vegetarian diet that includes quality protein sources such as beans and legumes along with healthy oils for Omega 3 is a viable option for healthy weight loss.

Raw Foods Needed

The body needs enzymes to properly digest and use food. After age 27, the body does not produce digestive enzymes in as great a measure as before, but people often do not adjust their diet in light of this fact. Cooked foods contain little or no digestive enzymes; processing these foods put added strain on the body’s available enzyme stores. Without natural or supplemental digestive enzymes, food sticks around in the intestines longer than normal which causes weight gain and other illnesses over time. Raw fruits and vegetables are both healthy and easily digestible because they contain their own enzymes.   

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