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Losing Weight Before It’s Too Late

 Losing Weight Before It’s Too Late

Losing Weight Before It’s Too Late

We all know basics, like 2+2=4. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to lose weight fast.

  • Ever wonder why you have cellulite when someone the same age as you has none?
  • Ever wonder why you workout everyday and your friend who has never been to the gym is still skinnier than you?

All of these scenarios prove to be very frustrating.

There is no simple answer to weight loss because everyone is built differently and has a different metabolism.

Making smart meal choices can have a huge impact on your weight. Everyone has that friend who can eat whatever they want without gaining a pound which is annoying to someone who has to count calories in order to avoid gaining weight. Well, stop with the calorie counting and focus more on portion size. Portion size is key in losing weight.

Eating five to six small meals a day is often more effective than a large breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you begin eating five to six small meals per day, your body will begin to realize that it is being fed regularly and consistently.

In turn, your body will begin to let go of extra fat that it has been holding on to. If you have been eating inconsistent meals, or only three meals a day, your body has been holding onto that food because it is unsure of when it will be fed again.

Transitioning from eating three meals a day to eating five or six meals a day will be rough. At the start it may feel like you’re forcing yourself to eat because during some meals you probably will not feel hungry. Your body will take a few days to adjust to these changes.

Moving to five meals a day is not an automatic solution to how to lose weight fast. Now, let’s talk about healthy meal choices. Besides the obviously healthy fruits and vegetables, including protein in your diet can also jump start weight loss. As one of your meals, try incorporating a whey protein shake with skim milk.

Whey protein will help to support lean muscle mass which will help you tone up! Also, don’t try to cut out all junk food from your diet, because when you go cold-turkey you’re more likely to cheat with junk food.

Instead, allow yourself to have one small portion of your favorite unhealthy food. The keyword in the previous sentence was one small portion. You should see a few positive results after making these simple diet changes.

Dieting and exercising go hand in hand. This is where it gets tricky and really varies from person to person. An effective workout is one that allows you to reach your target heart rate zone. However, it may take you two to three minutes to get into your target heart rate zone, whereas, it may take another person ten minutes to reach theirs. As a result, a person who reaches their target heart zone more easily may be able to go for a daily 30 minute walk and see results.

A person who takes awhile to reach their target heart rate may have to sprint for ten minutes before even breaking a sweat. Exercising is something that you really have to test out on your own. Hit the gym and test your limits.

Push yourself, but not so hard that you get too tired and never want to work out again.

The biggest key to weight loss is being consistent. When your body adjusts to a pattern of eating healthy and working out daily, you’ll find that you have more natural energy and motivation to keep up with the process. Good luck!

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