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Is Silent Heart Attack Is A Silent Killer?

 Is Silent Heart Attack Is A Silent Killer?

Is Silent Heart Attack Is A Silent Killer?

This type of attacks can happen to anyone, but mostly seen in individuals who already have heart attack, diabetic, women of age 65, and men those who prone to strokes. Person who is under a regular medication may also experience silent heart attack.

What is the cause of this type of heart attack?

It is seen that the cause of silent heart attack is similar to normal heart attack. Accumulation of cholesterol plaque causes heart’s arteries. Most of the cases, the crushing pain called angina generates, which is due to objection from the heart because of reduction of blood supply. People with high BP, diabetes, high-cholesterol levels, and even smoking are more likely to suffer with these type heart attacks.

The U.S research findings showed that women are more likely to experience this silent heart attack when compared to men. Typical symptoms are seen like difficulty in breath and uneasiness in areas apart from chest.

How can you identify?

By a careful study of medical history of a patient, by ECG report, and a blood test for cardiac enzymes identifies the silent heart attack.

In case of silent heart attacks, the most important thing to get done is the refurbishment of blood flow to the heart once again by dissolving the clots that are identified in the artery or by angioplasty.

Immediate treatment: instant use of aspirin helps a lot to prevent from heart damage that can happen due to silent heart attack.


• Avoid consumption of fat foods.
• Performing yoga/yogic exercise might help you avoid heart attacks, and
• Stop smoking

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