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Improve Your Fitness While In The OfficWhite House

Improve Your Fitness While In The Office

Although most of us do not realise it as we are sat working diligently on various things throughout the day, sitting down at a desk for over six hours a day is slowly killing us. Our bodies switch off and alter their state when we are sitting down, so much so that those in office occupations are at a much higher risk of heart disease

What can you do to ensure that you reverse this trend and make yourself much healthier in the long run? You will be pleased to know that they don’t all involve strenuous cardio workouts, either!Slowly Dying.

Body Fitness

Physical Activity

There are a number of scientific studies that point to what we do on a day to day basis, rather than our exercise levels at sporadic times, that hold the true key to our general health and fitness levels. Tips include walking around the house during television ad breaks, doing light exercises while sitting down, and even placing items in different rooms and upstairs to stimulate the brain and heart as you move around the home. Immediately there are benefits with not an intense cardio workout in sight, but how do these translate to work?

Stand Up For It

One major recommendation which has become more popular is for people to stand up whenever possible at work. While this may not be possible while working on a computer, you can certainly remain standing during your lunch and other daytime breaks. Run it past your boss if you can stand up during meetings. As well as helping your general fitness the meeting will likely be more productive, I never really understood why somewhere as important as a boardroom would have comfortable leather seating, more likely to send people to sleep than harbour inspirational ideas. If you are the boss, insist on standing.

body fitness

Common Ideas

As these ideas become more ingrained to individuals, there are the other, well known ways which you can use to boost your overall health and fitness. Getting off the tube or bus a stop earlier may seem like a chore, but you can achieve brilliant gains and you still haven’t had to look at tough cardio workouts. Challenge yourself on a daily basis, if you work in a tall building take the stairs to a certain point. Ideally you would take the stairs all the time, however if you work on the 30th floor you may wish to start with a few flights then build yourself up!

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