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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening: How Does it Work?

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening: How Does it Work?

 Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening: How Does it Work?

One among the most common and popular chemical agents who are used in whitening teeth is hydrogen peroxide. H2o2 or hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid and a strong oxidizer. Because of its oxidation properties, h2o2 is mostly used as cleaning or bleaching agent.

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H2o2 is widely used in teeth whitening products like tooth paste, teeth whitening gels, and in other professional treatments. Even at home when done with proper care, this works as an effective treatment for whitening teeth. For over years, dentists of all over the world, use this h2o2 technique for whitening teeth.

It is to be noted that though this acid is safe to use, sometimes you may be subjected to gum sensitivity. This gum sensitivity is for only temporary period, but if it is for longer time, then immediately consults your doctor.

To prepare a teeth whitening solution yourself at home, a known method is to take h2o2 of strength about 3-5% and rinse your mouth with this solution every day after you brush your teeth. Along with rinsing, for quicker and effective benefits even you can use whitening tooth paste and also teeth whitening kit along with hydrogen peroxide mouth wash.

The main worry that is related to Hydrogen Peroxide based Teeth Whitening Products usage is the free radical’s presence. It is thoroughly explained that free radicles produced by h2o2 are the fragments of a molecule. The active searching by these Radicals will make an attempt to reconnect to their missing parts and so, these radicles are said to be very reactive.

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