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How To Stop Bleeding?

How To Stop Bleeding?

• Before starting the treatment Wash your hands thoroughly with water,
How to stop bleeding in case of any wound that is bleeding profusely? The very easy method to control this is by applying pressure on the wound and uplifting it. However, before starting the treatment you need to follow some precautions as mentioned below:

• Put on gloves (latex) before touching the wound. Use layers of cloth that is clean if gloves are not available.

How To Stop Bleeding?


  •  If the wound is wide and large, cover it with a gauge that is sterile.
  •  Press with your hand and make use of sterile gauge piece and apply the direct pressure on the wound. You can use thick fabric if sterile gauge piece is not available. While applying at a steady pressure try to elevate the bleeding site. For about 5 minutes, maintain the same steady pressure. Maximum bleeding gets controlled within 2-5 minutes.
  •  Place some more extra bandages on top of the blood-soaked bandages. Removal of gauze from the wound may cause the disruption of clotting.
  •  If the bleeding continues for 15 -20 minutes even after applying direct pressure, then apply pressure on the pressure points.

Care to be taken after the treatment

  • If it is a severe bleeding from limbs, restrain the limb using a bandage, in order to prevent recurring bleeding.
  • To control the wound from infections keep it Clean and then dress the wound.
  • To prevent yourself from gushing blood, wear surgical mask and goggles or glasses. Use a plastic bag to cover your hand, bandanna to cover your mouth and sunglasses to your eyes in case mask and gloves are not available.
  • It is necessary for an injured person to apply direct pressure on the wound whenever possible in order to prevent further spreading of the infection.
  • Act immediately to control the bleeding, as severe bleeding, sometimes may cause to death.

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