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Good Sleep Can Help to Lose Weigth


Good Sleep Can Help to Lose Weigth

Many times we eat and we still feel hungry. It is the result of the lack of adequate amount of sleep.

Your metabolism

There are a few ways to get a good sleep.


You need to avoid sugar before bedtime. If you eat before bedtime products rich in sugar, it will cause the rapid growth,  and a sharp fall in the middle of the night. You wake up and you have a restless sleep.


Do not watch TV before bedtime.  Better than TV is a good book or magazine to help you relax and forget about the history of the day.


Do not work just before bedtime. There is nothing worse than the intense work of the mind just before bedtime.

Don’t work for at least two hours before bedtime.


Lower intake of caffeine in the afternoon and quietly fall asleep at 10 pm.
Remember that good sleep can help you during your weight loss, and in conjunction with a healthy meal you’ll get a great results.

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