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Get A Six Pack Abs in 2 Weeks: Basics

 How Do You Get A Six Pack Abs: Basics

The basic things to plan out include your diet and nutrition, workout program and the cardio program. These are the 3 essential things to achieve six pack abs. We’ll cover them in detail one by one.A lot of people are after six pack abs. It is comparable to Elvis’ Graceland for gym enthusiasts.

Six Pack Abs

 Setting that to be your goal is a commendable action but it takes more than a clear goal to achieve it. Before you start your six pack abs journey, it would be best to educate yourself about the basics. It will help keep your mind on the goal and avoid any detours along the way.

six pack abs

1. Diet and Nutrition

A good and healthy diet is essential in limiting the calories we take in without needlessly lowering the protein we take. For the most part, you would be wise to limit yourself to lean meat and starchy carbohydrates. There are many sources of these on the market but if you are not sure, you can always consult a nutritionist.

A trick that landed some people six pack abs is that they ate regularly for around 5-6 times a day. This will keep your metabolism balanced all throughout and keep the fat in your body in check. Eating this way will also reduce the risk of you snacking. Regular snacking is what has made a vast majority of the population obese. The two to three extra trips to the fridge is usually to blame. Eating small meals in this manner will help you avoid this as your stomach is always full. By the time you are hungry, it would be time for the next meal already.

Since dieting is easier said than done, it is best to stay safe. One should keep snacks at home to a bare minimum. That way, if you are tempted to grab something, there wouldn’t be any. Still, it would do to have something around to solve your hunger. Try stocking on cereals and fruits as these are healthy and do not have much artificial sugar.

2. Workout program

Finding a good workout program is easy. There are tons of resources available on the internet. You can even get full magazine scans from torrent sites. If you are in doubt, you can always consult a friend who goes to a gym regularly. It would be even better if you asked advice from a fitness trainer or obtain a workout program from the gym. If all else fails, you can just always repetitive sit-ups and crunches.

3. Cardio program

Cardio is always a part of any six pack abs endeavor. There is just no other way you can lose all those calories quicker than a cardio program. Jogging for 20 minutes is usually enough but other people don’t think so. They sometimes do jumping jacks, jackknives or swim.

Cardio is very important in building abs because of the large amount of fat in the body. As soon as fat is reduced, one can build abs easily.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online fitness magazine and forum

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