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Frightened What To Do Next When One Arrives Home After A Heart Attack?

Frightened What To Do Next When One Arrives Home After A Heart Attack?

Frightened What To Do Next When One Arrives Home After A Heart Attack?

Most of the patients feel depressed, frightened and angry after a heart attack. However, nothing to fear, proper rehabilitation, makes one to control from these risks and upsurge your life span. Here, is a fundamental article for a heart attack recovery.

The process of heart attack recovery starts after 48 hrs. of heart attack. The heart tissues begin to heal with in few days, and can be discharged from hospital within 7-8days if no complications overcome.

As the day’s passes, once the damaged tissue gets replaced, one can start increasing your actives. By following expert advices, one can even start an exercise without any fear for a speedy recovery, but a steady growth in exercise is helpful for the heart to bring back to its shape.

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As a part of your daily life, one can even mount the steps at your home. One can even start walking to regain the lost energy, but always follow your doctor’s advice before doing anything. Take proper rest and healthy sleep.

Avoid lifting or pulling heavy items or objects without taking doctors’ advice. After a heart attack, remember that one should seek doctors’ help to avoid the risk of getting future attacks.

When talking about sex life, one can have sex life like normal, healthy people, but start it slowly first. If anyone faces any complications with sexual life then be free to debate it with your doctor.

Changes in your life will immensely help to reduce the risk of future attacks.

• Stop smoking
• Follow a regular exercise
• Maintaining Weight
• Regular Check of blood pressure
• Control or try to deal with your emotions
• Finally, eat a healthy diet.

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What king of food to follow?

Eat a healthy diet that should prevent the further complications after a heart attack.

For a healthy heart, the diet to be followed is as follows.

• intake of less cholesterol food.
• Do not get much fat containing food.
• Intake of more vegetables, legumes, whole grains.
• Try to reduce consumption of carbohydrates.
• Take enough of complex carbohydrates for regaining energy.


Medications are prescribed after the heart attack in order to prevent further blood clots, to improve heart’s performance, to improve the cholesterol.

heart attack recovery

Always keep a record of your tablets and always bring along for every visit to a doctor. It is vital to know what they are for and at what time they have to be taken.

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