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Fear or Confidence - Development or Degradation?

 Fear or Confidence - Development or Degradation?

Fear or Confidence - Development or Degradation?

And yet, what is scary to gain knowledge about oneself?

The fear of knowing about oneself is parallel to the fear of the outside world. Like many fears, this type of fear is protective because it protects our love and respect for ourselves.

Now, now you can hide behind such a slogan - I don't want to know anything about myself in order not to lose respect and love for myself.

If we do not know ourselves, then how can we say that we respect and love ourselves?
In general, do we respect and love in life a person whom we do not know at all?

I agree that we can respect a stranger thanks to our upbringing. But to love a person whom we do not know at all ... I disagree, there are not so many enlightened people capable of unconditional love in the world. But back to respect - we respect a stranger because we were raised that way, and not for something, because we don't know him.

This means that we can respect ourselves, like any other person, regardless of whether we know ourselves or not. And the more we learn about ourselves "good" (in the individual sense of "good", because it is different for everyone), the more we will respect ourselves. Respectfully sorted out.

It is absolutely normal that every person has a basic need for security, a desire to feel protected. Again, this is a basic need. But along with the basic need, we still have a “higher” need - curiosity and research activity, the one that makes us alive and joyful.

And until a person satisfies the need for security, the "higher" need will cause fear. So it turns out, as in that saying: "I want to, and injections, and my mother does not order."

  For clarity, imagine a scale. On one of the scales is the need for security, the fear of knowing about oneself. On the other - the need for personal achievement. If the need for security outweighs, then there is no need to talk about any personal achievements. Anxiety will close the path to forward movement. If the need for personal achievement outweighs, then safety must be neglected. And as soon as we are freed from anxiety, we become more confident in ourselves, then we can explore something, try something and achieve some personal achievements.

  How can you get rid of anxiety? Maybe the devil is not so terrible as we painted him ourselves? By and large, we are not afraid of something specific, not our fictitious inconsistency, but the unknown. And she will scare until she becomes familiar and predictable. It turns out that the only way to overcome this fear is to make the unknown known. And the known can already be controlled, controlled, etc.

  Fear and the need for security prevents us from gaining knowledge about ourselves in order to become better, wiser, stronger, richer, more developed and mature. Any knowledge about ourselves as it is, with all our shortcomings, reveals our potential, shows the path of possible realization. And by resisting this knowledge about ourselves, we do not allow ourselves to see our best sides - our talents, our best motives, our capabilities, our creative essence.

  Moreover, knowledge and action are closely related to each other. Remember, when you know something for sure and your knowledge is complete and complete, the action follows automatically, without internal conflict and always successfully.

  There is a struggle between fear and knowledge. What will you choose? Fear? Knowledge?

  Fear will always block the impulse for growth, for freedom, for courage. And only growth stimulates the need for knowledge.

Now let's make love. If we love ourselves unconditionally, then we are not afraid of true knowledge about ourselves. Whatever we learn about ourselves, love will not disappear. And if we are afraid of losing self-love, it means that we do not love ourselves dear with all our shortcomings, but our image. We love ourselves the way we want to see, how we invented ourselves.

And if we are afraid of something, then there may be something in us that we do not accept and condemn. What kind of knowledge are we afraid of?

It turns out that we are afraid to find out about ourselves, which can cause contempt for ourselves. That we can see ourselves as weak, worthless, useless.

And such knowledge is unlikely to be to our taste. And this knowledge can lead to anxiety, anxiety and even additional fears, and suddenly someone other than us also finds out. Is this why we choose to be blind and deaf? After all, if we know, then we will have to take some action to match our image. Then it is better and easier not to know.

But we do not at all take into account that, no matter how much you hide, do not deceive your consciousness, the subconscious will still not be able to deceive. And it is already conducting its "subversive" activity, which is expressed in the form of dissatisfaction with the life that we now have. Because the “I” whom we love and respect, in general, does not live up to our expectations. Longing, melancholy - and, as a consequence, the desire to constantly occupy oneself with something, just not to think, not to know ... Just to stay safe.

What scares you personally to find out something about yourself? What kind of knowledge are you afraid of?

Tatiana Ushakova

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