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Effect of Delegation Phrases in Speech and Thinking on Confidence

 Effect of Delegation Phrases in Speech and Thinking on Confidence

Effect of Delegation Phrases in Speech and Thinking on Confidence
Effect of Delegation Phrases in Speech and Thinking on Confidence

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As an example, a wonderful passage about shifting responsibility to others in general (Genus) and in particular (Uncle) from the movie "An Ordinary Miracle"

Enter the King.

King. Hello dear ones! I am the king, my dears.
Master. Good afternoon, your majesty.
King. I don’t know why, I liked your estate terribly. We were driving along the
road, and I was tempted to turn into the mountains, to climb to the ladies.

Please allow us to stay with you for a few days!
Master. My God ... Ay - ay - ay!
King. What's wrong with you?
Master. I thought you were not like that. Not polite, not bland. But it
doesn't matter! Let's think of something. I am always glad to have guests.
King. But we are restless guests!
Master. Yes, it's the devil with him! That's not the point ... Sit down, please!

King. I like you, master. (Sits down.)
Master. Fuck you damn it!
King. And so I will explain to you why we are troublesome guests. Can?
Master. Please, please!
King. I'm a terrible person!
Master (joyfully). Well yes?
King. Very scary. I'm a tyrant!
Master. Ha ha ha!
King. Despot. And besides, I am cunning, vindictive, capricious.

Master. You see? What did I tell you, wife?
King. And the most offensive thing is that it's not my fault ...

Master. Then who?
King. Ancestors. Great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, grandchildren, different aunts, forefathers and
foremothers. During their lifetime they behaved like pigs, and I have to answer.

They are parasites, I'll tell you what, forgive the involuntary harshness of expression. I
by nature good-natured, clever, I love music, fishing, cats. And suddenly I
’ll do something that makes me cry.

The hostess. Is it impossible to resist?
King. Where there! I along with the family jewels inherited all the
vile family traits . Can you imagine the pleasure? If you do something nasty, everyone is
grumbling, and no one wants to understand that it is my aunt's fault.

Master. Think about it! (Laughs.) Go crazy! (Laughs.)
King. Eh, you are funny too!
Master. Just keep no, king.
King. This is glorious! (Takes a
pot-bellied wicker flask from a bag hanging over his shoulder .) Mistress, three glasses!
The hostess. Excuse me, sir!
King. This precious, three-hundred-year-old royal wine, No, no, don't
offend me. Let's celebrate our meeting. (Pours wine.) Color,
what color! A suit, to make this color - all the other kings would burst
with envy! Well, with a date! Drink to the bottom!
Master. Don't drink, wife.
King. That is, how is it "do not drink"?
Master. It's very simple!
King. Do you want to offend?
Master. That's not the point ...
King. Offend? Guest? (Grabs the sword.)
Master. Hush, hush, you! Not at home.
King. You decided to teach me ?! Yes, I just blink an eye - and you are gone.
I don't care if I'm at home or not. The ministers will write off, I regret. And you
and you will remain in the damp earth forever and ever. At home, not at home ... Insolent! Still
smiling ... Drink!
Master. I won't!
King. Why?
Master. Because the wine is poisoned, king!
King. What, what?
Master. Poisoned, poisoned!
King. Think what you have invented!
Master. Drink you first! Drink, drink! (Laughs.) That's it, brother! (Throws
all three glasses into the hearth .)
King. Well this is stupid! Not thirsty - I would have poured the potion back into the
bottle. A necessary thing on the road! Is it easy to get poison in a foreign land?
The hostess. Ashamed, ashamed, your majesty!
King. It's not my fault!
The hostess. Who?
King. Uncle!He would just
start talking, it happened, with whom he had to, he would braid about himself with three boxes, and then he felt ashamed. And his soul
was thin, delicate, easily vulnerable. And in order not to suffer later, he
used to take and even poison the interlocutor.
Master. Scoundrel!
King. Enzyme cattle! Left an inheritance, scoundrel!
Master. So your uncle is to blame?
King. Uncle, uncle, uncle! There is no need to smile! I am a well-read and
conscientious person Another would have blamed comrades,
bosses, neighbors, and his wife for his meanness And I currency for the ancestors, as for the dead. They
don't care, but it's easier for me.
Master. Ah ... the
King. Shut up! I know what you say! Answer yourself without placing the blame on
neighbors, for all their meanness and stupidity - above human strength! I'm not
anygeniusJust a king, what a dime a dozen. Well, that's enough about that! Everything
became clear. You know me, I know you: no need to pretend, not to break.
Why are you frowning? They remained alive - healthy, well, thank God ... What is
there ...

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