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 Different types of confidence

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Different types of confidence

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Confidence can differ in its manifestation in terms of the amount of energy.

Normally, this is confidence. 
If there is a lack, it is uncertainty. 
In excess, it is overconfidence. 

There are also three types of this energy that affect what a person is sure of and what he is not. The fact is that self-confidence , confidence in communicating with one person and confidence in communicating with a group of people  are different types of confidence, which are manifested and developed in different ways.
As options for manifesting different types of confidence, I can give a number of examples.

First example... In Chisinau, the most successful seller of a "Canadian company" who could easily sell his goods to any person (one) from a housewife to a bank director and earned a lot of money on sales was asked by the company's management to share the "secrets" of success. And upon entering the stage, this man - a confident salesman who could easily persuade almost anyone - suddenly began to stutter, worry and confuse words. And the reason for this is that his confidence in communicating with one person was excellently developed, but there was very little confidence in communicating with the group. Usually, confidence in communicating with one person is manifested in the fact that a person is excellently able to start and end communication (negotiations, deal) with one person. Representatives of such confessions as a traffic policeman and a gypsy have a discoverer,

Self-confidenceSecond example . Once one of the famous Moscow miracle coaches arrived in Kharkov. Remarkably, under the thunderous applause of the thousandth audience, he lectured two of his topics and we went to dinner with him. Arriving in a cafe and starting to communicate with a major businessman, he suddenly lost almost all his stage confidence and began to hardly link words into sentences, although before that he had been an example of eloquence and confidence. We were surprised at this metamorphosis. But, on the other hand, before we saw this business coach only on stage and got used to seeing him 100% confident, but that was only one side of confidence - confidence in communicating with a group of people. Once in a situation of individual communication, there was a lack of confidence in communicating with one person.

We are sure, dear reader, and you have had examples in your life when a person who has developed one of the types of confidence in its other manifestations behaved much more insecure. And this also surprised you. You didn't expect this. Now you know why this happened and that one kind of certainty does not guarantee the presence of another.

And in business, we have often encountered a situation when a leader says: “I work with a person, communicate, sell, but I’m afraid to hold a planning meeting.” And the other extreme: “For me, holding a lecture or a planning meeting is not a problem, but as soon as I think about a sale or talking to a tax inspector, it’s already cold on my skin.” And so, there are different types of confidence, they are developed in different ways and at the same time this does not happen, but fortunately they do not need to be developed all at once.

Let's see what kind of confidence, for example, a novice salesperson needs when starting a business? To answer this question, let's see how the first steps are made in almost all companies selling something or someone. Starting a business - a future bourgeois woman needs the ability to sell goods to one person and / or sign one person to a structure (MLM, MMM, Church, etc.). It is only then that mass meetings, performances, lectures, mass incentives, sermons and so on will begin. The key point is that at the beginning of a future business, the bourgeois needs most of all the confidence to communicate with one person. And it is with this that you need to start building confidence in yourself and your employee. Work in a "corrupt" (shop, MLM, cafe, church) business at the initial stage when contact occurs with just ONE person, is somewhat akin to the labor feat of an athlete - a winner, a traffic cop - a communicator, a station gypsy - a harbinger of the future, and a trader in the market - offering a miracle product. It is from there that people often come from the market who make a quick start and achieve significant structural and financial growth in a short time. They already know how to effectively communicate with one person (get to know and sell a product) and are confident in their success.

Confidence in communication with the groupAnother aspect of confidence is confidence in communicating with a group of people. This is the ability to conduct planning meetings, mass events, conduct business schools, home circles, conduct regional seminars, engage in mass motivation by reading sermons or broadcasting about the election program. That is, the ability to effectively teach, inspire, motivate a large group of people confidently delivering what they have planned and at the same time feel confident. This confidence is like air necessary for large leaders organizing the work of numerous structures. We recommend developing this confidence in the second stage.

And another kind of confidence that we talked about above is self-confidence. This is the ability to take responsibility for yourself.

How is self-confidence manifested? In the ability to fulfill the obligations given to oneself: to get up immediately after the alarm clock rings, stop smoking or drinking immediately after the decision, decided to start running and ran, etc. Once a businessman acquaintance asked for advice on the behavior of his manager. After the consultation, it became clear that it was impossible to fix the manager - it would be better to fire him. As soon as this was pronounced and consciously by the client, he immediately takes out his mobile phone, calls the manager and says: "You are fired !!!" We were extremely surprised at such a quick solution to the problem. To our surprise, he replied: "Why wait, since you decided to fire, you have to fire, and why postpone?" So he doesn't have a pause between making a decision and taking action. Such a person, after making a decision, immediately begins to act. Whether it concerns business,

This confidence is also gained when a student comes to study in another city and settles in a hostel. Here, like it or not, you have to take responsibility for yourself and take care of your own food, laundry, budget, etc.

And how does an executive but not self-confident newcomer who comes to business behave? He listens to the boss (manager, leader, sponsor), learns from him and applies the knowledge gained in practice. Thanks to this, he achieves some success and income. But it only works when it is pushed: “Have you made a financial statement? Have you approached that bald client? Have you invited clients to your presentation? Are you going to a company event? " And it turns out that our newcomer, even if he became the leader of a small group, does only what he is pushed to do, that is, he has not yet become an independent leader. Because he did not take responsibility for himself. He does not independently plan his actions, his development, his income. It exists with a kind of psycho "PAPE". And if "PAPA" is distracted by his more important affairs, business may stop. Although at the same time a person can work and feels confident in working with clients. And although self-confidence hardly manifests itself in working with a client or a group of people, without it it is extremely difficult to become an independent, self-sufficient, successful, leader.

But you need to be careful with developing this confidence from a business partner. Why? We will talk about this in detail in the chapter “What confidence needs to be helped to develop carefully and why”

* Excerpt from the book "Leader and Confidence." Alexander Ilyinsky

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