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Confidence in affermations and positive attitudes

 Confidence in affermations and positive attitudes

Confidence in affermations and positive attitudes

Positive Attitude * to Increase Confidence in Dealing with One Person :

I can say no while staying calm.
Today I will easily take responsibility for inviting a new business partner;
Today I will confidently and competently conduct the planned business meeting;
I can easily and confidently start communicating with a stranger;
I will be able to entrust this business to my business partner, believing that he will succeed.

Positive Attitude * to Increase Confidence in Communicating with a Group of People :

I can easily speak in front of a large audience today;
I will be able to convey to the audience what I have planned;
I will easily and confidently offer people what I have decided;
I will be able to quickly and efficiently convey what I have decided to the audience, speaking in its language.

Positive attitude * to increase self-confidence :

I am now able to be undertaken to implement my goal in the first place;
I am a self-confident person, I will be able to implement my decision;
I can get up in the morning right after the alarm rings;
I will do it.

* The specialists of the Valentin Kovalev Center have created for you a tool for personal and professional development - "House of Success", which is based on an effective method of self-hypnosis and self-change, fostering positive qualities of character and habits, which everyone can learn if they wish. This is a tool for self-improvement for those who are constantly busy: you can put the "house" on the desktop by opening it on the right page, and develop the desired quality of character, practically without distracting from the main activity.

Let's make a reservation right away that by personal growth we mean the acquisition of new positive ones by a person: habits and character traits. At each training session, participants ask: "How can you continue to work with your character traits at home, where there is no experienced business coach nearby?" In answering these questions, we usually give the participants homework and a series of specific, individual for each participant, recommendations, among which there is often the pronunciation of affirmations and a positive attitude. A set of effective positive attitudes for developing various qualities of character are presented in the "House of Success" developed by the specialists of our publishing house. Details about the 
House of Success

Start building confidence by pronouncing affirmations that affect our subconscious mind, our internal attitudes, as a result, on our actions and, ultimately, on the result. Here are some examples.

Affirmations to increase confidence in communicating with one person :

Every day it becomes easier for me to say "no" to a loved one, while maintaining a good relationship with him;
Every day it becomes easier for me to take responsibility for the business partner I invite, effectively cooperating with him;
Every day it becomes easier for me to delegate responsibility to my business partner, easily achieving the intended goal;
Every day I start communicating more and more confidently with the person I need, easily conveying my thoughts to him.

Confidence-building affirmations with a group of people

Every day it becomes easier for me to speak in front of a large audience, successfully conveying my information to people.
Every day my speeches are becoming more convincing and convincing, I speak with the audience in a language they understand.

Affirmations to increase self-confidence : 

Every day it becomes easier for me to put my business interests first, while maintaining good relations with partners;
Every day I more and more easily and effectively achieve my goals, filled with self-confidence;
Every day I get more and more lucky, and I get what I wanted, at the right time and in the right amount.


 Fragment of the book "Leader and Confidence.

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