Confidence and Uncertainty

Confidence and Uncertainty

The important thing when working with an increase in self-confidence is that it is necessary to increase self-confidence and not reduce uncertainty. Since where our attention is when working with our character traits, then it increases. At the same time, it does not matter whether we are struggling with it or liley.

Let's take smoking as an example, or rather the desire to live without cigarettes. If a person tries to quit smoking, then in most cases the matter does not go further than striving and self-criticism. Because all the focus is on quitting smoking. Alternatively, do not quit smoking, but postpone smoking for a day, two, three, a week, and so on.

 My friend Valera gradually brought the time to the next smoked cigarette to a week. And then he began to make a holiday because he smoked once a week and bought himself a good SMALL)) cigar on Saturday and enjoyed it. Gradually, Valera significantly reduced the number of cigarettes, but it is IMPORTANT not to fight to smoke but to postpone smoking in time. 

Having made another pause of three months between cigarettes, I somehow forgot to start smoking)) So I live for a couple of years without this wonderful doping.

In the same situation with confidence and uncertainty, it is ineffective to deal with uncertainty, this will most likely bring self-criticism and self-destruction, there are a lot of such examples in my life. It's easier to do something to slightly increase self-confidence, with any simple daily actions, for example, as in the table on building self-confidence.

Here is such a nice piece of Gaining Confidence

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