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Confidence and the search for the culprit

Confidence and the search for the culprit

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vinaWhen we speak with the form of speech and characteristic words and intonations "honestly" we tell the interlocutor or interlocutors about what character traits and abilities we have developed in one way or another, the question is in the attention of the listener.

To diagnose speech, it is important to know not only how self-confidence manifests itself in speech, but also uncertainty and self-confidence.

Uncertainty is characteristic words: I will try, I will try, I will try, I don’t know, I cannot, it will not work, and others will not work.
Also, people who are unsure of themselves or in some particular area can often hear - "It happened", "It happened", "I have such a fate", "There are alcoholics in my life" and similar phrases.

Overconfidence - excessive number of imperative verbs, personal pronouns, irregular vocabulary, frequent increase in volume at the endings of words.

Confidence is somewhere in the middle)))

As a capacious speech about the ability to take responsibility for your life S. Stalone's monologue.


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