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Best Exercise To Lose Weight Fast And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life!

 Best Exercise To Lose Weight Fast And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life!

The best exercise to lose weight fast and get in the best shape of your life!

Exercise is a must for weight loss which is  hard for many people to accept.

Weight does not come by itself, and in order to  lose  extra pounds , you need to follow a proper diet and exercise program, there is no way around this.

There is a lot of discussion about the types of exercises and workouts that are most effective when it comes to losing weight.

Finding a single exercise that is much better than anything else is very difficult.

Best exercises to lose weight

If your goal is to lose weight quickly, you need to choose exercises that burn a lot of calories.

When it comes to weight lifting  exercises , the best fat burning exercises  are squats, dead lifts , pull- ups , bent over rows, pull-down, bench press, etc.

Exercises that are difficult to do, such as squats, give the best results . 

In general, people stay away from exercises like squats and deadlifts because they are very stressful and challenging. 

 But for this exact same reason, you need to do these exercises  if you want to lose weight fast.
The same principle applies to cardio - the more difficult it is, the better! Exercising on an indoor rowing machine, skating machine, stationary bike, and elliptical machine burns the most calories and is easier on the joints like running for example. So, if you are looking for a really great exercise to do, these exercises are all great.

The best way to train

Intermittent training is a favorite of many coaches and trainees.

There are many  cardio exercises that   anyone can use in interval training, but the principles are all the same. In interval training, a person does bouts of high-intensity exercise, such as indoor rowing, alternating with short rest periods. Interval training exercises have several advantages over sedentary cardio.

 Intermittent training  helps you burn more calories in less time, and increases hormone production which  in turn helps burn more body fat.  

When doing intervals, a person has a much greater increase in growth hormone (helps build muscle and burn fat) and adrenaline which also helps burn fat and suppress appetite. Interval training sessions are much shorter than sedentary cardio and can make a person fitter in less time as well.

Many fitness experts underestimate the importance of traditional cardio or stationary exercises due to the benefits of interval training. But sedentary cardio also has some advantages of interval training.

The main benefit is that traditional cardio training is easier. Although you burn the same amount of calories as with interval training, you will have to spend more time exercising.

For people who like to push themselves hard, interval training is just right for them. But there are a lot of people who don't want to push themselves to the limit every time. To truly reap the benefits of interval training, you have to go beyond your comfort zone and that's tough.

It's much easier to do a 45-minute steady-state cardio and that's it. Cardio training is just a tool in the weight loss process that simply helps you burn calories. For physically active people, there is no need to do cardio at all - they just need to cut calories and lose weight!

In order for a person to lose weight in the long term, the exercises should be fun.

If you're stepping into going to the gym because you know you're going to have to do a specific exercise or type of training, it's not good.

How to choose your exercise

The perfect weight loss exercise

Fat loss exercise  includes a wide range of exercises, from indoor yoga to vigorous aerobics. Aerobic exercise increases the heart rate and is a good weight loss exercise. Aerobic dancing, cycling, walking, swimming, stepping, etc. are generally some of the effective forms of aerobic exercise.
Weight loss exercises  can be a bit tiring but the result is simply worth the pain. You can start by walking for 15 minutes, twice a day and then every other day, you can walk a little longer and at a higher speed even while swinging your arms. Whenever possible, walk on the slopes.
Your lifestyle should complement your exercise regimen. The work we do every day varies from person to person and not everyone can make time for the exercise they need. You should deal very practically with the exercise and the choice of this exercise, which you can put in your schedule on a regular basis. 
Getting the right exercise is actually important to  losing weight , but you must also continue to maintain the weight in the long term. Know that "walking to lose weight" is the best weight-loss exercise available. Unless you're already fit, walking to lose weight is a better fat-burning exercise than running to lose weight.

The most efficient and effective weight loss exercise is the one you enjoy, because you are more likely to keep doing it.

The quantity and quality of the diet should be appropriate

If you try to follow a strict diet where you will starve yourself, in such a situation your body will react making your metabolism slow and will put your body into a 'survival mode' which turns most of the food you eat into fat. By following these strict diets, you may  lose weight  but you will not lose the fat content of your body. If you are consistent with your weight loss exercise program  , you will surely lose  weight and stay healthy .
Before starting the regimen, you should always consult your doctor or dietitian. The first thing you can do is count the  calories  in each meal. The minimum calorie intake for men should be 1600 calories and for women 1200 calories. The key to a weight loss exercise program is regular exercise with controlled diet. Your diet  should include a lot of green vegetables and  fruits , which will give you a lot of vitamins and minerals.
Optimize your exercise program for effective weight loss:

Optimize your exercise program for effective weight loss:

Reducing infections and avoiding diseases

Toxins in the blood cause increased inflammation and toxicity in the body, and increase the incidence of diseases associated with fatigue and stagnation of metabolism.  Experts say that people who exercise increase blood circulation, remove toxins from the body and reduce the harmful effects of toxic concentrations.  When exercise is done routinely, it will reduce the risk of disease and increase your vital energy.  Get into your exercise routine.

Do the exercises at intervals

Aerobic interval training is a great way to get the most out of your workout and improve your workout routine.  Used for years by professional athletes, it is an effective technique for increasing fitness and toning muscles.  By speeding up your movement quickly, you can challenge your muscles, increase your metabolism and  burn more calories . If you're walking, for example, ramp up your jogging with spaced intervals of walking. Another example is alternating interval runs with your usual jogging routine. With aerobic interval training, you'll burn more calories, increase your aerobic capacity, and keep boredom at bay.    

Burn more calories with strength training

By performing resistance exercises with weights in 20-30 minute sessions at least 3 times a week, you can increase lean muscle mass, get a sleek and toned appearance, and stimulate your brain to release “feel-good” neurotransmitters into your bloodstream.  A stronger muscular system can perform better in aerobic exercise and consume more calories.  Challenge your muscles with free weights, dumbbells, a barbell, or use a weight resistance machine. Larger muscles require more calories to maintain, and you may burn more calories throughout the day - even while at rest.

Stretch for the stars

Adding stretching exercises before your workout can help you perform the exercise better and burn more calories. Simple techniques for moderately flexing and extending your joints will protect your body from injury, stiff joints, and tense muscles. However, don't over-extend your joints before your workout or running routine, as this can cause cramps or inflammation in your joints and tendons. In addition to stretching, try jogging in place before your workout; This will warm up your muscles and increase blood flow in a controlled manner. Stretching can also help you relax and enable your body to use oxygen optimally. Yoga, for example, is an exercise that increases the flexibility of tendons and ligaments, produces chemicals in the brain that are good for mental health, and strengthens the body's supporting structures.

Be creative and get moving

Design your exercise routine to include what you enjoy, your current physical capabilities, and the amount of time you should devote.  An exercise plan can lead to great benefits for your brain, too, providing "feel good" chemicals that reduce anxiety and stave off depression.  Your routine can include creative ways to increase activity in many different ways.  Use the stairs instead of the elevator, go up to the next bus stop before boarding the plane, or stand at your desk for a while each day.  Getting creative with your workout can add time and produce good results that motivate you to keep looking and feeling better.  What you eat is very important, but our bodies are designed to move and move around a lot.

  E EASY EXERCISE TOOL (Towels) in your kitchen - lose weight fast

Just one more easy exercise.

Next time you're done drying the dishes, here's an easy exercise to do with the towel in your hand:

1  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2 . Hold the towel in both hands, pull the ends tightly.

3 . Spread your arms out in front of you while keeping the towel at hip height.

4 . Slowly raise the towel over your head.

5 . Sit in a squatting position.

6 . Lower your arms while standing.

7 . Try to repeat 10 to 15 times.

If you don't like this, turn on the nice music and dance.

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