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AWS Best Practices Whitepaper - How to Create It

AWS Best Practices Whitepaper - How to Create It

AWS Best Practices Whitepaper - How to Create It

The information during a white book or special report typically comes from an expert within your organization - and there is nothing wrong thereupon.

 Having them written (or ghostwritten) by your executives and staff establishes them as thought leaders and provides clients and prospects access to their valuable expertise.

Despite its many benefits, this sort of white book has one weakness: readers recognize your interest in winning their business, leading them to require your advice with a grain of salt. After all, if your prospect was trying to find completely unbiased advice on a subject would they address your company? Probably not. Instead, they might ask a colleague in their coevals. 

For this reason, it is a good idea to feature "customer best practice" content into your content marketing mix.

In some ways, a customer best practice white book is analogous to a customer case study. Both frame your solution in terms of the client experience. However, the previous is broader in scope and more solution-focused. It examines a drag or pain point your company's prospects face, then distills information from multiple customer sources into a group of best practices that provide an answer from the customer's perspective.

If you're curious about creating a customer best practice white book for your content marketing program, here are five steps to assist you to start.

1. Form the question.

What do your best-in-class clients know that their peers may benefit from? don't be concerned, this does not mean sharing industry secrets. for instance, if your company sells and installs computer servers, what information could your most successful customers impart about best practices for server management? Those are the topics you'll focus your white book around.

2. Choose your tool.

Online survey tools make it easy to survey an outsized group of clients quickly. Offering a little gift - or maybe a free copy of the survey results - may be a great way to entice your customers to participate. you'll also pick several key clients and found out case-study-type phone interviews with them. 

For a bigger response, have your sales representatives ask their clients a few quick questions during their regular check-in and send their responses along to you.

3. Consider your questions.

Just because you've got the chance to survey your clients doesn't suggest you ought to ask every possible question. Improve response rates by focusing your questions and asking only people to who clients and prospects will need answers. 

Most questions should be multiple choice or true/false - open-ended questions should be used sparingly.

4. Analyze the responses.

Once you receive the responses, comb through them for common threads and eye-opening insights. Having an indoor expert's interpretation of the responses can help the white book writer pull out the foremost details.

5. Write the white book.

Bring a copywriter on board and supply them together with your survey responses, expert analysis, and any relevant background information or supporting third-party research.

 the author will combine these elements into a compelling white book that delivers valuable, hard-to-find peer insights and best practices that customers and prospects will devour.

Megan Tsai may be a seasoned communicator and award-winning writer. As a full-time freelancer, she provides business writing, copywriting, and marketing communications for companies and advertising agencies.

Visit to find out more and check-in for the Red Wagon Writing monthly e-mail newsletter filled with writing and marketing tips.

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