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Announcement of the book "Confidence or How to Find and Raise a Leader

 Announcement of the book "Confidence or How to Find and Raise a Leader"

Announcement of the book "Confidence or How to Find and Raise a Leader"

Confidence has long been synonymous with success for our contemporaries. The demand for books, trainings, lectures and seminars on this topic is constantly growing. And it is no coincidence! A self-confident person highly appreciates his capabilities, actively builds and develops his own business, easily achieves financial stability, knows how to declare his desires and goals, can openly refuse the interlocutor without ruining relations with him.

This is the leader they follow, they believe in him, they want to cooperate with him!

At the same time, self-doubt is a sign of weakness of character. Such a person is afraid to start his own business ("It won't work anyway!"), He does not know how to express his own opinion, does not believe that it is possible to fulfill his dreams and goals. Insecure people rarely succeed in life.

Very often, looking at a confident, strong leader, newcomers to MLM companies believe that a person was born that way - well, he was so lucky in life! Immediately we want to please you, dear readers: confidence, like other personality traits, can be developed! You can see for yourself by reading this book. You will learn about the different types of confidence and what confidence the leaders of MLM companies need first of all; mastering information, performing exercises, you will learn to recognize a leader by speech, clothing, external signs and understand how to behave, how to dress, talk in order to feel more confident in any situation; you will become familiar with individual and group forms of building confidence. All this is necessary in order to become a confident, successful leader, to rise to the heights in career and business,  

But Confidence or How to Find and Raise a Leader is a book that needs more than just reading. You have to work with her. You will see a large number of confidence building techniques throughout the book. The basic principle of building confidence is to act

  • gradually,
  • step by step,
  • systematically.

After choosing a technique that you like, learn how to work with it, then use other techniques until you get the result you want.

* from ed. The book “Confidence or How to Find and Raise a Leader” was written for you by two professional business trainers and psychologists - Valentin Kovalev and Alexander Ilyinsky, who have been successfully conducting trainings on building confidence for more than a decade and a half. All the techniques, techniques, exercises that you will find in the book have been tested in practice, with their help thousands of people have become more confident and successful people.

Be persistent, become confident, achieve your goals! This book will help you in working with yourself - an excellent guide for those who want to become a successful leader, who aspire to raise reliable business partners from their distributors, for everyone who dreams of becoming the master of life and the blacksmith of their own success!

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